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Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Review: Platformer Terrain System

Hey guys, recently I got a nice box full of toys from Wayland Games (who also happen to sponsor Tale of Painters so consider the banner in the right if you want to go to Wayland's site) and thought I could write up a review article about one of said toys - the Platformer Construction Set (small box variant). Made in Russia, distributed by several companies actually. Most notably by CONFLIX and Pegasus Hobbies.

Samstag, 17. November 2012

Review: Wargames Factory Zombies

For my first all new review on this site I had a look at Wargames Factory's Zombies! box I recently got for one of my little side projects. Wargames Factory have been around for a few years now, dealing in competetively priced multi-part plastic kits. Zombies of course are a very clever release when it comes to this because nobody wants just ten or fifteen zombies, you will want a horde. Let's see what the kit is like.

Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Welcome to the new Battle Brush Studios!

Hello and welcome to the new new site of Battle Brush Studios!

There still is a lot to do but this basically is what and where the site is from now on. The old blog will be kept and I will update it but this from now on will be the new official home of Battle Brush Studios.