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Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Freitag, 18. September 2015

Showcase: Blood Bowl Group Shot

...and here's the whole gang all together. Painting those guys wasn't always easy, but it was fun and I really love the look of them all together. I hope that you like them as well!

Dienstag, 15. September 2015

Review: The Assault Group WW2 Germans

Today I would like to have a closer look at some figures by The Assault Group. WW2 Germans with heavy weapons to be specific. So let's dive in and see if these minis are worth their salt!

Sonntag, 13. September 2015

Showcase: Human Star Players

Now these two here took the most time to do. The female star player is a very pretty sculpt, but there is one flaw to her: There's a mould line running right along her face, running slightly to the right of the nose. Really takes some work to get rid of that properly.

Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

Showcase: Blood Bowl Sideline Personnel

Going on with the Blood Bowl! Here is some essential sideline personnel: A cook, an Apothecary (gardener --> apothecary for treemen, geddit? :P ) and the compulsory Bloodweiser Babe.

I put a lot of effort into making that chicken look delicious.

Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Showcase: Blood Bowl Slayers

Time for more eclectic Blood Bowl minis! Today it's Slayers. Very interesting sculpts. I like them. I mean they're a bit coarse one might say, but this is BloodBowl. And they're happy. I do like happy lead. There's more than enough grimdakness I say!

Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

Showcase: Blood Bowl Fans

First part of a few Blood Bowl minis I recently painted for a special little commissoned project. Here we got a bunch of Dwarves and a Halfling Blood Bowl fans.

Really, really fun figures. The sculpts are pretty rough (very old-school stuff), so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to paint them so they look pretty. Hope I got it right. What do you think?