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Sonntag, 26. März 2023

Review: Bolt Action Opel Blitz /Maultier


Wahey, it's time for yet another WW2 vehicle review. Why not. There's plenty around. So let's talk about Warlord Games' Opel Blitz / Maultier combo kit.

Donnerstag, 23. März 2023

Showcase: 15mm Saga Arabs


Heyhey, here's some Arab cavalry in 15mm for Saga. Unfortunately I wasn't to base the figures, but they were quite fun to paint. :) Good, colourful bunch. Hope you like them!

Mittwoch, 8. März 2023

Mittwoch, 1. März 2023

Showcase: Infinity Defiance Baddies


Following the last post in which I showed you the player characters from the Defiance board game, here's the alien baddies.