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Services and Pricing

Please note that we do not have clearly outlined pricing tables. This has several reasons:

.) Variety of models - With the miniature wargaming and showcase market being broader than ever before in the history of the hobby and figure scales, levels of detail, sizes within the same scale category and sheer range of models being as splendidly wide it is absurd to make blanket prices for categories like "One 28mm infantry model".

.) High level quality - The level of quality Battle Brush Studios delivers in painting and modelling makes this kind of "broad brush" pricing even more impracticable. We aim to deliver customers with results based on their very individual wishes and ideas for their models and at quality levels above the "three colours, washed and based" approach lower-tier painting services offer.

.) YOUR wishes are what counts -  Painting and especially modelling projects are very individual and can vary greatly from one another depending on the individual wishes of the clients. This is very important to us because from experience in the past we found that instead of commissioning generic Green Space Marines for example wargamers like their very own individual model / unit / army done to their preferences and this is what we make our mission when working on our projects - turning these bits of metal, plastic or resin into your very own wargaming, roleplaying or showcase piece.

Going the route of individual pricing requires more communication and a bit more effort on our part but years of experience have shown that this is the more satisfying way to do things for our customers and us.

So feel free to contact Battle Brush Studios with any enquiries or questions

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