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About Battle Brush Studios

Welcome to Battle Brush Studios, the professional service provider for all your miniature painting and modelling needs.

With our 15 years of painting and working with historical scale models, fantasy- and scifi-miniatures and figurines, five years out of those being commission painting, we are a reliable partner for you when it comes to

  • Turning all those plastic sprues and silvery metal into YOUR tabletop wargaming army
  • Breathe life into the miniature that represents your roleplaying character
  • Customize a miniature to become an individual piece of art
  • Create a showcase miniature figurine for you to put on display

...or all of the above! We are experienced at working at all scales, from 6mm up to 54mm scale; from ancient Greeks to the nameless nightmares of the far future.

The painters at Battle Brush Studios put their dedication into every piece they paint and we have a quick and stable turnaround. We offer various levels of painting but specialize in high quality for affordable prices.


Georg Nieswohl
Wolfsgraben 7
3400 Klosterneuburg

Tel.: +0043 (0)650-3210777

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