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Freitag, 24. April 2015

WIP: Space Hulk Librarian Pt.2

Here's a WIP shot of the Librarian. The colour scheme for all the Terminators in this set is pretty much the Ultramarines colour scheme, but keeping the Blood Angels insignia and whatnot. 'Heresy' some may exclaim, 'customer's wishes' I calls it. I offered to change the insignia to Ultramarines stylings, but it wasn't required. 

Not that this makes a huge difference with a Librarian, but the shoulder pads stay blue on this one!

Montag, 20. April 2015

WIP: Space Hulk Librarian Pt.1

Once again I painted a 2009/2014 Space Hulk set for a client over the past few weeks. The Librarian was missing his arm, so I had to build him a new one. And good luck trying to find a left Terminator arm with a Storm Bolter! The arm is cobbled together from bits of four different kits and bits of Green Stuff now. Not to pat myself on the back, but I think the pose works even better than the original model does.

Montag, 13. April 2015

Review: Warlord Games/Italeri Wrecked House

Review wrecked house

Today I would like to take a closer look at one of Warlord Games' recent terrain releases. The pretty accurately named Wrecked House kit.