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Sonntag, 28. März 2021

Showcase: Ultramarines Eliminators


Heyhey, here's some Primaris Eliminators. The interesting thing about these (and the following Ultramarines Primaris I'll post soon) is that I was ordered to paint these to fit an existing collection (and colour scheme), which is always a bit tricky.

Luckily though it worked out just fine. Hope you like these chaps; there's more to come soon!

Sonntag, 21. März 2021

Showcase: Transport for the Wounded


Heyhey, today we got another little Napoleonic special. Not even a combat unit this time, but a hay wagon, repurposed as a transport for the sick and wounded.

Dienstag, 16. März 2021

Freitag, 12. März 2021

Review: Andrea Miniatures Harley Quinn


Now for something from my own collection - it's a showcase figurine by Andrea Miniatures named 'Daddy's Little Girl'. But we know who that's supposed to be, right?

Sonntag, 7. März 2021

Showcase: 15mm Cold War Poles


Heyhey, and now for something completely different! Here's a platoon (and some support) of Polish Infantry from the 1980s.

Donnerstag, 4. März 2021

Showcase: Harlequins Characters


Heyhey, here's the Harlequin characters, as promised. In the end there's an army shot too, so you should absolutely hit that 'Read On' link!