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Freitag, 12. März 2021

Review: Andrea Miniatures Harley Quinn


Now for something from my own collection - it's a showcase figurine by Andrea Miniatures named 'Daddy's Little Girl'. But we know who that's supposed to be, right?

Just over two or three years ago, Andrea Miniartures released this one as part of their Upside Down range, in a 1/24th and a 1/32nd scale variant. I actually got both. 

It's the first time I did anything with Andrea figures, so I thought it's a good opportunity to review the kit.

The Box

Either figure comes in a slim cardboard box displaying a painted version of the figure. The parts are packed well and came without any damage what so ever.

The figure I built and painted is the 1/24th scale one. It's all metal except for the legs, which are resin cast. I assume it's because of the fact that the net stockings are a cast-on texture, which requires very, very exact casting to get it right. And very exact painting too. The figure comes with a metal base plate resembling pavement. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.


Assembly was pretty simple. The glue points are chosen pretty cleverly. The only slightly tricky bits are the hair strands on her forehead.

The cast of the parts is excellent, as was to be expected by Andrea. Of course there are small mould lines to remove, but that's no problem. The quality of the metal is great, no pinning required what so ever.


Well, that took a while. About two years. Less due to complications or anything like that, but mostly because it's a personal project, and a showcase one at that. 

I love painting large scale figurines. I don't get to do it particularly often, I most certainly am not the best in the world at it, but I enjoy it a whole lot. I'm never entirely happy with the results, but at some point we have to call things 'done'. I think especially with large scale figures or busts this is something important, otherwise they'll haunt us forever without ever being finished. 

So now my very own Harley Quinn is finished. In the end I glued the base onto a plinth and she joined my collection of large(r) scale figures. Speaking of which, she's not a big'un: 67mm from sole to eye level, 79mm overall (bottom of the base to the top of her pig-tails).

Still, fun figure, and of course if you're a fan of her portrayal in the films it's probably a must-buy for you. And let me know if you need her painted! ;-)

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