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Dienstag, 16. März 2021

Showcase: De Watteville Infantry Regiment


Heyhey! Today I got something special for you - it's De Watteville's infantry regiment!

Originally they were Swiss fighting Napoleon in the Austrian army (but paid for by the British from the get go). After the war of the second coalition they went into British service as mercenaries, fighting across the mediterranean from Egypt to Naples and eventually in Spain. 

In 1813 they were shipped to Canada to fight in the war of 1812. Once that was settled, most of the men stayed in Canada and were given land there by the British crown. Because that's the sensible way to handle mercenaries once the war is done: Keep them as far away from your own lands as possible.

The unit isn't overly huge, but a nice representation of the unique outfits of these infantrymen. All figures are by Perry Miniatures, flags are by GMB.

....and here's a little bonus - the 12th British Dragoons, the Prince of Wales' Own (dismounted). Also Perry figures, featuring the pretty Tarleton style helmets:

Hope you like them! :)

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