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Sonntag, 21. März 2021

Showcase: Transport for the Wounded


Heyhey, today we got another little Napoleonic special. Not even a combat unit this time, but a hay wagon, repurposed as a transport for the sick and wounded.

The scene is meant to depict units from the Penninsular campaign, but will probably work for most theatres of the war. 

We got a bunch of wounded soldiers on the wagon, two guards walking along, as well as a civilian driver and wagon leader in the front. I'm sure the two were delighted to make their wagon, horses and themselves available to support the war effort.

This was quite an interesting project. The figures are pretty much all from different sets. The gentleman I built and painted this for already had a bunch of good ideas for how to position the figures on the wagon, but of course the actual fitting (plus hay and so on was up to me. The folded-up blanket under neath the guy in the back's head for example was a necessity to make him fit properly. Some slight bending and so on was necessary as well.

The rest was pretty straightforward. I cut out a big old base from plasticard to support the whole thing.

As you probably saw from other posts, I really like wagons, limbers, coaches, and all of that. Very often there's no space for them on the table in 28mm, but if you put one of these somewhere on a table edge it will make the whole table a bit more livelier.

Yup, I hope you like this unique piece! :-)

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