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Sonntag, 7. März 2021

Showcase: 15mm Cold War Poles


Heyhey, and now for something completely different! Here's a platoon (and some support) of Polish Infantry from the 1980s.

Here's a reference picture so we know what we're dealing with:

Painting Cold War infantry is always a bit tricky, especially in smaller sizes. You have to hit a good medium between getting the look right and making them not look like a grey-green blob. I hope I achieved this with those figures. 

Speaking of which, the figures are by Battlefront. The interesting thing is that in this collection I got a mix of metals (very good) and plastics (perfectly okay). I slightly prefer the metals for detail, the fact that the gun barrels are less wobbly, and due to the fact that the casts seem a bit cleaner. Either way, both are fine. 

The gentleman I painted these for was very taken with what the plastics looked like once painted, because he wasn't too impressed with the plastics to begin with either. Once paint's on them, they're all fine. 

He did the basing himself, so I just went with black on the bases. Hope you like the figures!

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