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Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019

Showcase: 6mm Great Northern War Saxons

 Up to now the collection of 6mm Great Northern War figures I painted lacked one of the big players in the war - the Saxons.

Less glamorous than the Russians or Swedes in the conflict, but a European powerhouse, led by a heavy-weight of a king, August the Strong.

Other than the Swedes and Russians, the Saxon army was much more built along the lines of other European armies of the time: No pikes any more, and a bit less hot-headed cavalry tactics (including the use of the good old Caracole!), to paint the Saxon army in a broad, generalizing brush.

Oh, and they of course formed a personal union with Poland, which at the time still meant one major thing - Winged Hussars.

So they had Polish cavalry and splendid red uniforms. What's not to love? 


  1. And these lovely models are now getting plenty of terrain painted up for them.
    Ready for some Thirty Years War models in 28mm? ;)

    1. :D Lovely, lovely, lovely. Hope the basing recipe works for you.

      Always ready for some TYW! (...said everybody in 1618, said nobody from 1620 on. :-P)