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Samstag, 15. Juni 2019

Showcase: Tiny Little Greats

Say hello to my little friends.

These here are August the Strong, Peter the Great and Charles XII., the leading figures of the tragedy that was the Great Northern War. All in 6mm, Baccus miniatures.

The flag on Charles XII. is from a flag sheet, showing the king's emblem on white, which I believe was carried by his lifeguard. The flag carried alongside August the Strong (Saxon king), in the left, is based on a design I found online, resized, printed and neatened up a bit by hand, and Peter the Great's flag I freehanded entirely. It's based on the Russian flag he introduced.

The way I painted the fellas is based on contemporary paintings of them.

These three little fellas spearhead the latest batch of 6mm GNW figures I painted and which I'll post over the next days.

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