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Freitag, 7. Juni 2019

Showcase: British Camel Corps

Now for something different - here we got mounted 1st Grenadier Guards, Guards Camel Regiment for the Gordon Relief expedition. 

I have to admit that prior to painting these I knew nothing about the Mahdist uprising. The whole Gordon Relief Expedition reads like a very, very British 19th century colonial affair though and kinda made me want to play British 19th century colonial affairs myself.

The figures are by Perry Miniatures and just are a delight to work with. 

One of the most interesting aspects about doing these was painting the camels. Before that I hadn't painted camels in 28mm (lots in 10mm and some in 15mm, but never 28mm), which meant some research, some experimentation, and so on, but I think they turned out nicely.

The flag pole is made of plastic, the flag I added is a generic Britsh one I actually just added for the photos. The gentleman I built and painted these for might exchange it. When I gave the figures to him he was rather taken with the stand-in flag though, so who knows.

So yeah, if you want to read about a really interesting niche bit of history the Camel Corps (the whole expedition really) is heartily recommended. The Perrys, who obviously do have a love for the period as well, have a great range of figures and reference material on their website. And if you want to have them painted really nicely of course feel free to contact me! ;-)

Hope you like these camels and Grenadier chaps.

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