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Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Showcase: Dreadfleet - The Bloody Reaver

Today, it's all about Count Noctilus' flagship itself - the Bloody Reaver!

The small byship (is there a word like that?) is painted in colours to go with the big ship as always. The freehand on the sail is a bit different to how I've done it the first time around. This time I tried doing a skull in what is called "three quarter perspective" in German. Is the English term the same? My dictionary didn't come up with anything. 

Here's a shot of the sails, mainly because the smaller one is really hard to see in built form. Here's where I point out what is freehanded and what is not - Thee scrolls, skeletal emblems and so on are all cast onto the sails. The text is all freehanded.

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