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Montag, 19. August 2013

Showcase: Khorne Decimator

After the army shot of the recently finished Khorne I was hired to do on short notice, let's start with one of Forgeworld's demonic machines - the Decimator.
 of course a picture with a slightly textured background: 

This one is done after I added the final blood splatters. They aren't too prominent on the model as I prefer to keep blood off fancy colourful blades like power weapons or these demonic blades on the butcher cannons.

One more picture which I really like. I know, lots of pictures for one model but I hope nobody will complain. 

This one I like so much because it shows the eye lenses that really add to the Decimator's "face" (for the lack of a better term). Overall, really fun model and rather quick to paint. I like it. On top of that, he performed really well on his first game last weekend (which I had the honour to watch and take photos of. More on this later.) and shot five hull points off a Warhound titan!

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