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Samstag, 7. September 2013

Showcase: World Eaters Raptors

This is the closing chapter on this batch of World Eaters. Ten Raptors and I think that these models really are cool 

When I was a youngster and started out with 40k, amongst the very first purchase I made were ten Chaos Space Marines (along with the 40k box and a Predator). For a while, a few months at least, I even collected Chaos Space Marines as an army. There was a very specific feel about painting the models and while I painted the Raptors, here and there I got a glimpse of that feeling again, with the very classic fittings of metal on the shoulder armour and legs, the arrow shapes and so on. Very interesting.

I think that GW did a good job on those models. I especially like the helmets. Incredibly individual and the snout shapes are very unique and chaos-y.

Hope you like them!

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