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Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Showcase: Crimson Fists Hunter/Stalker

The second addition to the Crimson Fists is the Space Marines' new AA tank model - the Hunter (or Stalker?).

I'm happy to announce that you can build both from the kit and switch versions by just changing the tops that go on the top hatch of the Rhino chassis. The guns don't share any parts apart from that antennae bit you can see in the picture below:

This one bit is also meant to go onto the Stalker's top, between the gun turrets. I really didn't want to magnetize the rather unnecessary bit, especially as the Stalker top looks rather okay by itself without the antennae. That aside, the part would limit the rotation of the turrets more than the model does already. 

Yeah, sadly both turret variants won't allow for full 360° rotation which you'd thing is pretty important with firing at low-flying aircraft which move at high speed.

In the back I added a jerrycan, a welded-on box for stowage and tools and two metal tubes containing either additional missiles for the Hunter variant or replacement barrels for the Stalker variant's guns.

You'll notice that there is more dust and such on the outside hull than on the 'stilts' because naturally, more dust and dirt would be thrown up when the vehilce's on the move rather than when it's employed for shooting at stuff.

So that's that, hope you like the pictures! :) 

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