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Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

WIP: Van Saar Gang #3

Yup, things are starting to take shape now. The hair is mostly done, the plasma pistol was snazzed up, weapon casings are highlighted and some blue details were added to the suits. Nothing too gaudy, but good enough to have some more colour in there. I guess the next update will be the finished models.

As it happens today's December 5th which of course means: Krampus is coming around! Be it the urbanized version that's cuddly, accompanies Saint Nicolaus and will put a birch rod in nasty kids' windows or the more traditional rural version, drunk-off-their-butts juves wearing pelts and masks, beating everybody up who's silly enough to show up in the streets after the sun set, I find it to be very interesting stuff. Of course nothing happens around these parts but it's fun to pretend that there's something slightly tingly about the night.

At least it's an occasion to post a slightly devil-ish looking mini I painted a few years ago for a Blood Bowl Team:

So be good or it's the slap-claw for you! ;-)

Don't forget that any WW2-themed painting/modelling project commissioned during all of December is -20% off!

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