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Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Tau Kill Team

Hey guys, I'm back. Over the past weeks I've been working on several things, including a Tau Kill Team for a trusty long-time client.

Six Stealth Suits plus two gun drones. I went with a modern camouflage pattern. No "I'm going into/coming out of stealthy mode" shenannigans. It's fun but it's been done oh so many times. Instead I did this camouflage pattern and slightly over the top wear on the armour to give them a true "behind enemy lines" look. To contrast the camouflage I added some blue OSL.

This kind of desert camouflage works really, really well with 28mm miniatures because it's rather light, has high contrast and the small, sharp details. Overall the colours are rather similar to how I've done my Infinity Haqqislam miniatures.

The idea is that these guys scout ahead, with a full Tau force coming in once the recon and initial harassment things are done. So stay tuned for the rest of the army which should show up rather soon!

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