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Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Showcase: Tau Remora Drones

I realized that I haven't posted all the Tau pictures from the army commission I did around March so today I would like to show you two Remora Drones from Forgeworld.

For the underside of the drones I chose the good old sky blue. It's a very convenient way of making (especially mainly single-coloured) planes or drones a bit more interesting.

Differently to the flying bases you get along with the kits I mounted these on Riptide flying bases which are considerably taller. Otherwise these more or less planes would look like they're basically grinding along the ground like skimmers. Mounting them on these way taller bases really works well and I would advice anybody who wants to do anything with these models to put them on very tall flying bases as well.

I edited the picture below you can see the bases a bit better.

These actually have always been amongst my favourites when it comes to Tau Forgeworld kits. They are really different to other 40k stuff, very Tau like and they look plain cool. The "wings" are movable so they can be folded on top of the main body of the drone so you can place them in tau transport fliers.

Hope you like them!

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