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Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Showcase: World War II late war German infantry squad plus support - detail shots

Okay, we have seen the full squad shot, let's take a look at the detailled pictures of the single models.

MG gunner, assistant gunner and sniper:

Infantryman with StG44, wounded infantryman with Kar98k, mortar team:

The mortar crew is converted. The client got a box of Perry Afrika Korps just for the light mortar, but asked me to have the crew kneeling instead of lying flat on the ground, because that's way easier to handle in skirmish squad level games in terms of LOS and such. So I had to do some repositioning on the gunner's hands, cut the original gunner's arm off the light mortar (Granatwerfer 36), built two mortar grenades from green stuff and plasticard, repositioned the hands on the loader, gave him a mortar grenades ammo box on the base and put a Kar98 on his back (the strap is made of Green Stuff). His left hand is repositioned to have the arm look better resting on the knee. The bandage on the wounded soldier's head is just painted on, has some blood seeping through, running over his face.

Infantryman with Kar98k, throwing hand grenade (mind the little user manual printed onto the grenade's main body), infantryman wiht G43, a soldier with medical training (with painted on arm band and a scratchbuilt medic's pouch), infantryman with StG44 and camouflaged helmet, Gefreiter with MP40:

Infantryman with G43, Obergefreiter with binoculars and MP40, iron cross and a custom made camouflage field blouse, infantryman with G43, infantryman with StG44, infantryman with Kar98k:

 ...and that's that. :)  They'll be featured on a demo table at VIVAT 2014 at Zinnfigurenwelt Katzelsdorf (I'll attend the show as well of course). Hope you like them! Oh, and have a good weekend.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Gefallen mir sehr gut, freue mich schon wieder darauf diese live zu sehen auf der VIVAT.

  2. Fantastic work! The MG42 ammo carrier and gunner, are they converted miniatures?