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Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Showcase: Freebooter's Fate Brotherhood Nobles

To end the series of Brotherhood figures on a high note - Nobility! 

From left to right: The Raven. I am really pleased with how the paintjob on her worked out. The model is very pretty in itself but sometimes a colour scheme just works out in a way that I of all people am the one who is the most surprised with the result. It just clicks. Master Assassin you have seen before so not toio many words will be lost on him. Very strong, evocative model. Last but not least, the Queen of Shadows. Great miniature and the little goblin lurking under her dress is a very funny touch.

Here we got the whole band again:

They are with their owner now for weeks and he is very pleased with the results. As am I. And I indeed hope that you enjoyed this series of articles on the results of this project too. There will be more Brotherhood in the future so stay tuned. And of course if the Freebooter's Fate bug bit you and you want a warband painted like this one don't hesitate to contact me.

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