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Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Showcase: Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Weapons

Now for some fire support for the Death Korps boys: It's a heavy flamer team and a twin-linked heavy stubber on the move.

I'm an Imperial Guard guy, have been for a long time too. When around 2000 they introduced man-portable heavy Flamers for the Catachans I was a bit confused about how that would work. It never looked right to me, because handling a regular flamer already has to be quite a task. 

These guys here depict the whole concept much better I think. It's funny how the kit makes full use of that handy/hated property of resin of getting soft and bendy at relatively low heat already.

Along with the models and all you get three straight sections of tubes on the sprues which you have to heat up and bend to shape so they would fit the models. The first section goes between the Promethium carriers' tank on his back and his right hand (the bit between his hands including the valve is cast onto the model this way), the second piece goes between the valve and the bit right underneath the gunner's right hand and the third, slightly thinner bit goes between the smaller tank on the gunner's back and the left side of the flamer (presumably to fuel to pilot flame). 

I've seen these guys based on cavalry/bike bases before, but I thought it would be more convenient to have the two guys on separate bases. The tube that goes into the valve actually isn't glued to it, so the thing wouldn't snap all the time.

The heavy Stubber team is a much more straightforward build. The relatively large base of course gives plenty of options for some scenic elements.

 The main draw of the model of course is the pose and theme. This is the strength of the DKoK models I think - FW can depict them doing more soldiery stuff inspired by real world history rather than just the usual "stand legs wide apart, fire from hip screaming".

Not that there's a lack of that in the DKoK range, but in addition to that they got some slightly different things like this model here or the DKoK squad at ease. That's something to be appreciated.

Hope you like the pictures! :)

P.S.: If you're in the Salzburg area on the 14th of March, make sure to check out Austrian Salute in Oberndorf! Great diversity of games, tables, people and things to do and look at. I'll be there, running the painting workshop. 

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