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Montag, 31. August 2015

Showcase: T-34/85

Whilst doing all those trucks and half-tracks and tanks I took the opportunity to get my second T-34/85 done as well (the name's "Dasha"). Read on for lots of pictures and some more words.

It's another plastic T-34/85 by Warlord Games as last year I bought and reviewed one and shortly thereafter got one for my birthday by a well-meaning fellow human being.

Don't mind the weirdly angled antenna. I just stuck it on for testing.
If I make it a permanent thing I'll pose it properly upright.

There were some bits I wasn't too happy with on the plastic T-34/85 by Warlord Games, mostly the lack of stowage items and the way the handrails were executed. So on this one I cut off the handrail (much more hints of those than anything else) and made some proper ones from staples. Extremely easy to do, looks SO much better. 

I also nicked an idea from some pictures I had seen online and from Battlefront's 15mm T-34 tanks and added some tree trunks to the hull for additional armour and handy for all kinds of things. Also a simple addition which makes the model stand out a bit more.  Apart from that I did the same modifications as on the other T-34/85 by adding texture to the turret (this time I used the plastic glue technique rather than demelling a texture into the turret), i added weld seams where appropriate and so on.

Above you see a comparison shot between my older and my newer T-34/85. Unfortunately I didn't get the shade of the colour to match perfectly, but oh well. They were manufactured in different places (hence the different handrails!) and the paint wasn't completely the same. No biggie. I like them both. Hope you do as well!

P.S: I noticed a weird pattern in my numbering of soviet vehicles: So far I freehanded turret numbers on three Soviet tanks, each time the number 5 was part of it. I smell a conspiracy. Of me against myself. I will keep you up to date on this.

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