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Montag, 30. Mai 2016

Showcase: SAGA Frankish Warlord

...and finally here we got the Warlord base. 

This is the most animated Dark Ages warlord I ever did, but that's a rather nice change for once. The warlord himself is a Gripping Beast figure, his flag bearer is from an Artizan set, keeping with the theme of 50/50 Artizan/Gripping Beast.

The flag is freehand of course, just like the shields. The customer specifically let me know that 'it can not be too colourful'. Still, I wante to keep the banner somewhat historically accurate, and flags carried into battle just were a whole lot simpler then than the Little Big Men Studio ones may lead to believe. From my research it seems like the Carolingians liked crosses and flowers the best for flag design, so I went with just that. The flag ended up being bigger and more snazzed up than a proper historical one, but oh well. 

I hope that you like the Warlord and his pal. Next up: Group shots!

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