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Freitag, 5. August 2016

Showcase: Dreadfleet Seadrake

First of the Capital ships for the current Dreadfleet project done!

It's the Seadrake, the High Elven ship. No guns, just bolt throwers, but they're packing two proper large dragons as well.

Always fun to see how different the experience on painting each of these Dreadfleet sets is. This is the third one I'm painting, and each time I'm trying something new. On some things (like Dreadfleet) I deliberately don't keep painting recipes. Keeps me re-learning, working out new things and so on. Also keeps the experience fresh - and as I believe - leads to better results.

Hope you like it! Over the next weeks I'll put up a whole lotta more finished Dreadfleet stuff!

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  1. I know how large these are and it's not very big at all. I don't get how you get these so crisp. Excellent work.