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Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

Review: Antediluvian Film-based Pirates

*cough cough* 

Today I would like to present you with a few thoughts on an inconceivable set of miniatures which was released recently by Antediluvian Miniatures

Antediluvian Miniatures do have some very interesting ranges. It's a small, but eclectic bunch of mostly 'pulp' miniatures, prehistoric monstrosities which look very much like creations of Ray Harryhausen's, some Fantasy miniatures and most recently a set of Norman looking Dwarves. 

This set I got here is labelled 'Pirate Set', it's four miniatures, 28mm in size. When I saw them I knew I wanted to have them for fantasy and historical gaming. They were out of stock at the time, but if you contact Antediluvian Miniatures directly they'll let you know when they're back in stock. Alternatively you could try get a hold of them via Studio Miniatures who carry the ranges. Once I had ordered the minis arrived inconceivably quickly.

The miniatures are cast in metal and come in a plastic baggy. Not very glamorous, but it works for getting the miniatures safely from point A to point B. The cast is very, very clean and details are plentiful and sharp. They aren't overequipped with pouches and whatnot. Just right.

Here they are put on their bases. They seem to be a Spaniard looking swordsman, a kinda sad looking gigantic dude (it would take a hulking individual to lift him up and drop him on the ground, that's for sure), a witty looking guy in a boastful pose and another one. He looks most like a dreadful pirate out of the four, and I painted him in all black.

'They paint up well.' The only problem I found was that there's a mould line running right across the Spaniard's face. Couldn't quite pass as something like an injury from a duel with the killer of his father or something, so hard to implement in some form, so you have to carefully remove the mould line and paint around it or something. Otherwise I didn't find a thing wrong about these minis.

I could easily imagine them being used in games about fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles, ... using 7TV or Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes rules or something like that. Or you include them in any of your warbands for Mordheim or Frostgrave as mercenaries. Or just throw them in a unit of your Age of Sigmar/Warhammer/9th Age Bretonnians or Empire army. I'm noone of consequence, but I do suggest getting this set. At GBP16.00 they aren't super cheap, but for what they are I think they're worth it.

I would truly love to see this range getting expanded: A brave (only compared to some) princess, maybe a masked version of the man in black, a six-fingered man and a dastardly prince would make for a nice second set. 

In fact a few years ago I painted a mini inspired by such a princess:

I love that mini, but it turned out a bit different in attitude.

Anyway, I hope you liked the review and the painting, I hope you found this article interesting and please excuse my indulgence. ;-) Normal service will be resumed shortly. 

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