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Montag, 15. Mai 2017

Army Shots: Skaven Mordheim Warband

Hey, 'member the Mordheim Skaven I painted a while ago? Well, I took some more photos of the fnished warband now.

Over the past years I accumulated some late medieval/Fantasy terrain and made those trees and all, so I thought I should give one of these scenic photoshoots a go. The buildings are hard foam buildings by Ziterdes (review coming up ...err...some time soon.), the building with the blue roof of course is Townhouse II by Tabletop World, which actually was part of the Skaven warband commission.

You're already familiar with the trees from my earlier tutorial article, same with the fences. The piles of crates and barrels are by Micro Art Studio, the mat underneath it all is by Deep Cut Studio.

I really enjoyed working on this warband too. Believe it or not, but I never really painted many Skaven models until I started on this warband. It's all proper metal of course with a wide range of minis from 1989 to 2010-ish.

The cobblestone bases on these (and which you've probably seen on some other projects of mine in the past) I cast myself.

Yus, that's it. Hope you like the photos! :)

2 Kommentare:

  1. What a great looking band in this dark city!
    Great work! congrats

  2. Awesome stuff man! cant expect anythng less from you but its always a pleasure to see what comes out!