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Dienstag, 22. August 2017

Showcase: Imperial Reaver Titan

Hey, I realized I never showed you the finalized version of this one!

Last year around this time I worked on an Imperial Reaver titan.

Cleaning, assembly, magnetizing, painting.

The cleaning was a TON of work, the assembly was very interesting (at one point I had to remove some pins to exchange them for thicker ones), and magnetizing as downright scary due to the size and strength of magnets I used. :-D The weapons are magnetized so they can be swapped. I had painted several 40k titans before, once I had to repair one, but I never built one from the ground up.

This one was to go along with Legio Crucius, just like the Warhound titan I painted for the same customer a while back.

I looked through the titans in the legion, chose a name and all. It even went on the little banner.

I love detailling these chaps. Computer screens, servitors, gunmetal, weathering around the toes and all. This is where the mini comes to life.

Especially with titans it's always extra sad when I have to part with them. They're like horrible, ugly little people after all! ;-) Anyway, hope you like them and I definately hope this wasn't the last time I painted an Imperial titan, because they rock.

Here's a little size comparison picture, just so we remember how big a chunk of resin this guy is:

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