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Samstag, 16. September 2017

Showcase: Dark Imperium Nurgle Force

Army shots time!

Well, it's not an army, not even in 40k's context....

...the whole war band sitting together and finished does have a satisfying look to them I have to say.

As written in my prior post, this is the final version of the basing in which I added puddles of icky slime (which originally I wanted to avoid, but oh well) and some red tufts.

It was fun working on these. Next on the list I suppose are the Primaris Marines. :D So stay tuned for those! For questions, comments and indeed commission inquiries use the comments section or contact me directly via Battle Brush Studios!

Oh, and let me know what chapter I should paint my Primaris Marines as. I got no SM army of my own and am taking votes!

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