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Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018

Showcase: Apostles of Contagion #1

Let's do a round of finished photos of the Apostles of Contagion, shall we? Starting with the big guys; a Daemon Prince and Hellbrute!

Never painted the Nurgle DP before actually, and I kinda like him better than I thought I would judging from what i'd seen of the model up to that point. He's from that time when a bunch of Nurgle figures were released and they had these huge, dangly Rick&Morty-style goitre things under their chins and the HUGE pot bellies. Raher cartoony. However, I do appreciate the more jagged sculpting style though over the later super, smooth, super flat style with sharp edges on everything. 

I indeed have painted Helbrutes before. Cool, fun mini, that. Lots of opportunities to have fun with painting flesh.

Our two are showing a lot of spine there. 

Right-o. Good fun, nice minis, Nurglings on bases make everything better. Stay tuned for more finished Apostles of Contagion minis!

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