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Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2019

Showcase: Imperial Reiters and Dragoons

Proceeding with the 15mm Imperial force for By Fire and Sword, here we got some regular and 'not really' cavalry.

In the back you can see a bunch of Reiters (German for "horseman"), probably the most regularly seen kind of cavalry on all sides involved in the wars of the time in Europe. It was a catch-all term for a Western European soldier (or indeed mercenary) who fights on horseback, usually armed with pistols and a sword. Their armour would be none to little to back- and breast plate. At which point the difference to Cuirassiers becomes fleeting of course.

In the front you can see some more Dragoons; basically musketeers mounted on cheap horses. They fought dismounted and hopped onto their horses if trouble was afoot. An entirely unglamorous branch, but entirely useful too, especially given the vast expanse of Poland.

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