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Freitag, 8. November 2019

Showcase: A whole bunch of Space Orks

That's another batch of Goffs done and dusted, thus bringing Orktober to a late close.

This basically is the specialists batch. Kommandoz, Tank Hunterz, plus a handful (well, 30 plus Nob) of Sluggaz.

With all the additional equipment and big guns on the tank hunterz, these were a fair bit more work than the usual orky boyz fare, but I really enjoy the look of the guys. I have to admit that when I set them up in the showcase at a wargames show (before I sent them off home) I set up the minis and caught myself thinking "wow, those look really nice". A bit of an embarassing thought, but also kinda reassuring about the result.

So yeah, that's that. I hope that you like them. Next batch already arrived, and it's going to be Gretchins!

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