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Sonntag, 9. Februar 2020

WIP: Ork Stormboyz

Heyhey, after a whole lot of Prussians and right before getting started on some more I'll see that I get a bit of a head start on some Orks. First: 64 Stormboyz. I split them into two batches of 32 to make it more manageable, here's a WIP shot of the second batch. Hope you like them and that I get them done swiftly and to a satisfying finish. :)

See what I did there? Yeah, well, they look a LOT like the first batch. Obviously. By now I painted all the 64 boyz to the same level, with just some weathering, final neatening/messing up and basing left to do, but I'll do that for the whole army right at the end. Next up: Looterz! 30 thereof, as always great conversions (I'm allowed to say that in that case, because I didn't do it.). And then it's time for 60 Gretchins! And THEN I'll get to rebase a lot of Orks I painted before someone who likes their minis big decided it was a good idea to sell some bigger bases. ;-)

Hope you like them!

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