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Sonntag, 17. Mai 2020

Showcase: Gretchins!

As the crowning finish of the Orks army (I'll drop some more detail shots of other units over the next weeks) I've done 63 Gretchins!

As with every single figure in this army they're converted and built to be all individuals. Not by me, but by the gentleman I painted these for.

Yup, that's a lot of little green men, isn't it. :D All of them are such great individual characters and conversions that I had to take pictures of groups of 10 each, so the character of these guys could be appreciated. They also were a ton more work than I anticipated. :D But really worth it.  

I can see why the gentleman I painted these for was very keen for these to be painted with some extra attention to detail and neatness. Best gretchins I've seen so far (and I got a lot of 2nd edition Gretchins, so there's tip top competition. 

Hope you like them!

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