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Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

Showcase: Super Dungeon Expore Pt.26

More neat figures with lots of colour and character. Just the way we like it, don't we. Today we got the Hidden Shrine Mystic, Salt, and Hidden Shrine Master.

 One of the interesting things about working with Super Dugeon Explore (or chibi in general) figures is that there's so much differeent stuff, and how most of them are absolute individuals. It's just not possible to batch paint three figures such as these here. It's gotta be done one by one.

Here's a group shot of this whole batch:

Another thing about SDE minis - I know barely any other figure of which group shots look so pleasant as with these. All the colours, the shapes, the faces.... it's just fun to look at. Hope you are of the same opinion!

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