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Samstag, 31. Oktober 2020

Happy Halloween: Heroquest Undead


It's spooky season, so we'll take a break from other things and gasp at the spooky dudes who snuck in!

Quite obviously skeleton warriors, zombies and mummies. They're from a Heroquest set I painted recently. Painting them was good fun. Well cast, simple figures, not overdesigned or cluttered up, and just absolutely iconic figures. That's the thing about Heroquest - every single piece is so iconic and distinctive.

I'll post much more of this Heroquest set in the near future. But for now I hope you enjoy the figures and Happy Halloween from Battle Brush Studios!

This shot is from a zombie game I recently had using Akula's Skirmish rules. Excellent little set of rules, great for just a fun multi-player game. For the occasion I also quickly painted some more zombies for the collection...

...and even converted a Tank type of zombie. He's certainly no beauty, but he does the job of being big and pink and looking menacing on the table!

Anyway, have a good time, stay safe, wear your masks (ha!) and all of that. Next up: More Aeldari, and then I'll post the rest of the Heroquest set.

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