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Sonntag, 22. August 2021

Showcase: Super Dungeon Explore pt.30


Heyhey, just the one figure today, as well as two lanterns and a little bonus in the end.

This drgon here is Glimmerwing. This one was a bit interesting to paint, since I wasn't quite sure how I'd get the idea I had in mind for the wings on the figure.

In general, the order is "paint it like the artwork". With some SDE figures it's easy to translate that onto the figure, with some it's harder, like when the illustrator makes much use of mood lighting, which never translates well to a gaming figure.

Instead of going with one colour gradient all over the wing, I decided that having the single segments of the wings shimmer in different pastels would work better. A bit more complicated, but I think it fits the figure better. 

The rest is pretty clear and straightforward - of course this means being painstakingly neat on these figures here - to give the wings a framework which makes them stand out more. Also, he's pretty darned big, which may not show in the pictures that much. But he's standing on a 60-70mm diameter base, so you can see he's well over 10cm tall.

As a little bonus, here's some treasure chests (and mimics!), which were work-in-.progress as I took the picture. Featuring copious amounts of gold NMM of course to make them proper desirable. 

I hope that you like Mr.Glimmerwing here and his chesty friends. Next time there'll be a group shot of this batch of Super Dungeon Explore figures.

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