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Sonntag, 14. November 2021

Showcase: Bagot's (Scotch) Hussars

Today I'm showing you a unit from the Jacobite Rising 1745. And it's an interesting one: Bagot's or Scotch Hussars.

Raised as only one troop of 50 men, they were said to be clothed, equipped and even used in the style of hussars, which at the time was very rare in England.

For such a small body of men, they were very well-staffed with officers, which seems to have been one of the characteristics of the Jacobite army.

The figures used are by Front Rank and therefore lovely. Yes, it's just one pose (not counting the officer), but prettiness can withstand monotony to an extent. To break up the look a little bit I varied the horse colours, and I sculpted additional coats/blankets slung over three of the troopers' shoulders, as in the picture above.

This didn't just allow for some more variety, but also, with the help of the shabracks on the horses, allowed me to cheekily cram up to three different sorts of plaid onto one model!

"Two different plaids? Man, I'm a naked robot and even I know that's a fashion no-no." - Tom Servo, in a not too distant future.

Those were good fun to paint, and I really like the look of the finished models. Unfortunately I can't put them on bases, but I know who will do that, so I rest assured that they'll end up looking even lovelier than they do now.

Hope you like them as well!

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