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Montag, 4. Juli 2022

Showcase: 25mm Minifigs Polish Lancers


Heyhey. It's summer, and we're going a bit old-school again. Not that these two facts have anything to do with each other, but you gotta have some sort of introduction, right?

Anyway, today I'll show you three regiments of Polish lancers in their 1812 attire. The army of the Duchy of Warsaw had this funny way of numbering their cavalry regiments, based on the earlier legia system. They just numbered their cavalry from 1 to 21 (at best of times), with the mainstay being lancers, but also including Chasseurs, Hussars (just two IIRC) and even a small regiment of cuirassiers (14th cuirassiers). They had the 1st Chasseurs, 2nd Lancers, 3rd Lancers, 4th Chasseur, 5th Chasseurs, 6th lancers and so on. I'm rather into the army of the Duchy of Warsaw of the time. Good hats, good coats, solid, solid army. 

The 3rd lancers:

6th lancers:

...and the 8th lancers:

Yeah, they're a bit different looking to what we know. 25mm Minifigs. I like those ranges to be honest. I don't own any of them personally, and they're tricky to paint, but they got a charm to them. I like the infantry especially, but they also got very, very pretty horses. These here have been lovingly reworked a little. Ears sharpened, reins cleaned and cut, legs slimmed, manes and tails reworked, mouths opened a little. Good stuff. 

Another thing I like about Minifigs, apart from them being proper painting without any gimmicks, is the proportions. Nice figures, with a distinctive look.

Hope you like them! 

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