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Mittwoch, 3. August 2022

Showcase: Micro Art Studio Food Stalls


Some modern/sci-fi terrain this time. All MDF, by Micro Art Studio, three fast food stalls. 

These will work nicely for all sorts of settings and tables, be it in some urban areas, as food truck like temporary setups near construction sites or where ever people want to have chicken, muffin tops or what ever was sold in that run-down orange one.

The sets actually come with stickers which fir the signs on top, but I binned those. Assembly was a breeze. It's a nice tough that you can remove the roofs to put figures insde. The main feature that sold me on these (apart from the quite low price) was the fact that each can be assembled with the blinders shut and stools folded up or in an open-for-business state. I decided to build two of them intact and running and the third one abandoned.

sure, it's a bit crudely modelled, it's MDF after all. But I think that for the purpos of these slightly sci-fi looking food stalls the medium works alright. They don't make much sense since there are no cooking stations at all, no stock containers or anything like that, but for the price they're alright I'd say. Working with MDF is alwas a bit weird, since the relatively low price of the models themselves makes it feel like the painting and modelling time is a bit ... not wasted, but maybe lessned in value? The funny thing of course is that paiting MDF often is much trickier and requires a bit more skill than painting resin buildings or properly modelled ones.

Oh well, what you see is what you get. 

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