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Sonntag, 18. September 2022

Showcase: Stone Guardians, Knight Artorias and Sif!


Heyhey, here's more Dark Souls figures! Knight Artorias, one of the fan favourites due to his tragic backstory and his good doggo, who picked up his master's sword to  guard his grave and be one hard as nails boss in Dark Souls - Geat Wolf Sif.

As usual with bosses, I make sure to get the base 'right. Artorias himself isn't an entirely exciting model, so I did my best to do the guy justice (because if you see him move and all you'll see that he deserves a good look).

So I did the corruption-darkness-stuff on the base and the arm and seeping from between armour plates and added some freehand adornment on the cloth parts.

And as a little bonus, here's the Stone Guardians from the Darkroot Expansion:

Hope you like them! There's plenty more Dark Souls board game stuff coming up. :-)

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