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Sonntag, 12. Februar 2023

Showcase: Dark Souls Darkroot Expansion


Heyhey, here's more board games goodness. Again fantasy, again dungeon crawling, but a wholly different visual style - it's the Darkroot expansion for the Dark Souls board game!

I posted Knight Artorias and Great Wolf Sif before, so this post will focus on the other baddies included in this expansion box.

The stone guardians are desceptively big:

And of course the highlights: 

Cool figures, that. I really enjoy doing those Dark Souls board game figures; trying to get the look 'right' and all. these in particular here had the advantage of me being allowed to model bases that aren't of the "ruined flagstone / dungeon" sort.

Hope you like the figures; there's a ton more Dark Souls figures to come!

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