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Sonntag, 9. Juli 2023

Showcase: Samnites, pt.3


Here be Samnite generals!

I did those last of the whole army, and had some fun. Each of them was supposed to be a character, and I assembled and painted them as such. 

From left to right: A general on foot with a big grey beard and a black cloak, standing on a little hill. So you know he means business. With him he's got two pals (one for trumpeting, one for posing). Next there's a shouty general on horseback, giving orders to his bodyguard. Next to him there's a very nicely dressed general on the back of a very nice horse. However, he's not very good at riding, so there's a handler with him who leads the nice horse by its reins. In the far right there's a little scene in which a priest in a sun hat questions a Sacred Chicken about the future of the ongoing battle. He throws the beast seeds, if it starts eating it means "wonderful!", if not "maybe not". The general on his horse (along with his bodyguard) get impatient with the chicken and start threatening the priest (and the chicken). The whole Sacred Chicken thing is well known from the Romans, so I thought they have to have gotten that idea from someone. Also, maybe the Samnites took a sacred chicken hostage to use it for their own campaign.

Hope you like them!

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