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Montag, 9. Oktober 2023

Show Report: Late Fall 2023


Following El Cid and Moiti's call, I spent the past weekend at Leobendorf again, right at the Austro-German border, for Comitatus' wargames club's Late Fall event.

Last time I attended Late Fall was in 2019, before the pandemic. This time I was back, along with all the showcase and painting stuff.

...and so were many friends and familiar faces! I'd just been at the place 3 months prior for Austrian Salute, and I was rather worried I would bore the bejeezus out of people if I brought too many familiar showcase pieces. 

So I got out the two Space Marines armies I'd just painted, brought the good old ACW collection along, as well as some of my 10mm Thirty Years War collection and some 10mm showcase figures I just painted for an upcoming Kickstarter.

..along with some old friends.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's have a look at the gaming tables, shall we.

But first I arrived the evening before the show to set up and pay a visit to El Cid's lovely wargames store, Silent Night Games.

Especially since Brexit happened, well-connected LGSs are worth more than ever before. And this IS a good store. (And Battlefront's strategy with the resurrected 'Nam range is a bit surprising, to say the least, but that's beside the point).

So let's get to it.

We had Roll-The-Dice (a lovely vendor of lovely figures and everything else you need to play wargames, except people, because trading in people is not nice) and lovely people from Carinthia (constable's gang) call in sick last minute. So it was all the nicer that Lynx and DerFels dropped by from Vienna on short notice to showcase Blood and Plunder.

They brought a very cool and tighly-packed pirate-themed table and figures.

Then there's Shakos & Bayonets, the Napoleonic version of Muskets & Tomahawks:

Lovely presentation, lovely figures (Perrys and possibly Foundry on the British side, all Piano Wargames on the Bavarian side), and lovely terrain too!

The Elder Scrolls table;

 the only fantasy-themed table at the event. But it was a looker:

A full dungeon, with some outlands around, and a giant spider lair!

Then there was the Battlegroup Pacific table.

Certainly the biggest table, but also the one with the smallest figures on top! 

Look at that staff car!

...and the little bulldozer!

But also the quality of the single figures as well as the table itself are glorious. 

Right down to the basing on the Japanese units especially. That's just lovely. 

This table won 'prettiest table' on the day. 

Gaslands is always fun and always draws the audience's attention.

In addition to that, this table featured a ton of amazing terrain, adding a certain Death Race 2000 (the remake) vibe, racing around something like an old steel mill or something.

Apart from the terrain (by terrain master Froschum), they also had really cool post-apoc battle cars.

Last but not least, there was a Barons' War demo table, at which I actually got to play two turns.

I really dig the look of this table.It's colourful, and the terrain is a bit chubby rather than drab and thin. Just right for medieval skirmish fun. For a while now I've been looking to play something medieval. The rules seem to work well, and the Footsore figures looked really good.

Fun little game, run by the Diceillas. Thanks for the demo game, guys! 

So it was a few tables fewer than at Austrian Salute, but these here at Late Fall have been played at  throughout the day. 

I greatly enjoy the events  by Comitatus at Leobendorf. Just feels like being among like-minded wargamers.

Right, I hope you enjoyed this little picture report. As a bonus, here's a photo of a 24 hours fresh sausage and meat dispenser. It's right around the corner of Late Fall's venue.

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