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Dienstag, 2. Juli 2024

Showcase: Sisters of Battle Triumph of St.Katherine


Heyhey, here's another Sisters of Battle model, and what a model it is. 'Triumph of Saint Katherine'!

This is more of a diorama actually, a very 40k style procession carrying a skeleton on a hover-altar thing. The fact that it's very cleverly put on a presentation base featuring some stairs begs the question how the hovering works on there; let's hope Saint Katherine's remains don't fall off the altar once they move over an angled surface.

There's a lovely body guard in front, a lovely lady carrying a burning chalice, a lovely lady carrying a sort of relic and a censer, another lovely lady strewing rose petals from a big tray (Sister Saint-Michel?), another lovely lady carrying a sort of icon and last but not least a lady in the back singing praises and carrying a banner. Just a bunch of fun characters. Oh, and on top we got four bio-mechanical cherubs waving flags and censers and whatnot.

It's al very, very 40k. And very, very lovely. 

In terms of painting, I kept the robed sisters off the base and painted them separately. The cherubs I glued to the model before painting, which struck me as a good idea at first. For painting though it's very annoying, since the plastic chains they're cast onto have quite the spring to them, so they constantly wobble around.  

Kinda like Saint Celestine and her copy-pasted bodyguards, who have quite the wobble to them based on the way they're mounted on their bases.

Anyway, good fun to paint. Lots of work, because we're basically dealing with 6 figures here, plus the whole hovering/chain-carried contraption, four cherubs and so on.

A lovely piece though, very evocative of the universe's background. The sculpting is perfectly OK as usual with GW, there are several fun details. And it's not one of those 'big mechanical monsters', but very organic stuff, which I like. Loads of little things rather than one huge chunk of plastic, the effect of which soley being based on how big it is compared to regular figures fom the same range. Which with the decades of ever-larger GW models reaps diminishing returns on the 'wow' effect to me. So I prefer this sort of little vignettes over "a tank, but bigger" models. 

Please don't hold me to this statement when I next post a big tank and gush about how impressive it is. :-D

Anyway, Triumph of Saint Katherine - very cool little vignette. Hope you like it!

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