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Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Showcase: Heresy-Era World Eaters Contemptor

As a quick little detour from Tzeentch daemons I started working on some commisisoned World Eaters. Maybe you remember the other parts of this army painted earlier. With the addition of a ton of Heresy-era stuff by Forgeworld of course this army needed some new additions. First, a third Contemptor!

Unfortunately I can't take credit for the base design. Always great when all that space on a Dreadnought base is used for a little mini diorama that tells a story.

In case you wonder about the background - I had a bit of a hard time making the model work with a white background. I'll see that I can get that done with a white background as well in the future but I think it just looks so much nicer with a slightly darker, textured background. What do you think?

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