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Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Showcase: World Eaters Rapier Laser Destroyer

Some more Space Marines of old, along with a killing device of old - the Rapier weapon platform with the classic lascannon configuration.

It was much fun to see FW release these things again, just like a bit earlier with the Thudd Gun. Albeit of course being bigger than they used to be (because 40k got a lot bigger overall over the years. Probably a result of being well-fed.), the design essentially stayed the same.

There even is a snazzy crew of two now. Would be great to see some Imperial Guard or Squats (hah, just kidding) manning these guns as well. Well, maybe some day.

Painting the thing was fun. Nothing special to report there. I put some additional effort into the weathering to make it proper frontline-worn. Well, and that's it basically. Hope that you like the Rapier and the crew.

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