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Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Blood Angels Chaplain

Here comes the second serving of HiTech models!

This guy was a very interesting piece to work with. Originally planned to be a Mortarion knock-off which is why I had to shave off a nurgle-like icon.

Even more interesting though - I had a chat with the client I painted this fella and the Night Lord I posted earlier for and we agreed that it would be best if I replaced the face on this model. The thing is that, being a pseudo-Plaguemarine, he had a face that looked like he'd just taken a peek into the Ark of the Covenant, as seen here in an earlier WIP shot... I replaced the face with a more appropriate one, knowing how looks are very important to Blood Angels (one of the more interesting things about the chapter).

Just as a quick reminder how darned big this guy is, here's a size comparison shot:

I hope that you like th the model and how I changed the face.

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